One more small thing to add
-Paypal only
- I ship with DC everytime
-Feedback MUA-Jewwop
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Other half of my huuuuuuuuuuge sale.
-Feedback MUA- Jewwop
- I know I have low feedback currently but I always ship with DC
-Spend over 30$ and shipping is included.

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 I am super tired. Post office tomorrow (: then I will post the rest of my make up which is going to be insane cause I have so much left ><

 Anyone who has bought MAC from me I am adding Pigments, all of my lipsticks, Face stuff. more eye stuff and etc!

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PS anyone who liked my sale and such I have ALOT more too add so if you would like to add me just to know when my next sale will be please do so. I love friends. ^____^

A billion things to sell.

 I'm selling everything it's a it needs to go sale, I just don't wear mac like I used too and I want my make up having a good home.

Feedback on MUA- Jewwop. I am aware that I don't have much yet but bare with me. I use paypal only, it's the safest thing for me.


PS  if you buy more than 30$ worth shipping is included. PPS I SHIP US ONLY!


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Photobucket Metalblu & goldspice eyeliners/shadows used 3 times each 7$ each Eyeshadows from left to right Lotusland, Dear cupcake, submarine, Talent pool, Warm chill, Top hat, top knot, flip, dreammaker, solar white, star by night. ALL FOR 9$ Photobucket FAFI EYE QUAD 2 used 2 times. 20$ Photobucket Left to right Velvet moss 7$, Empty, Newly minted 7$, Empty, Eyepopping 7$ Bitter 7$, swimming 7$ , juxt 7$, sumptous olive 5$, humid 7$ Pagen 13$, Empty, Bio green 10$, Wondergrass 7$, Springtime skipper 12$ Photobucket Left to right Electric eel 7$, Freshwater 7$, Moons reflection 7$, deep truth 7$ Waternymph 7$, Aquadiac 5$, Steamy 5$, Shimmermoss 7$, Surreal 7$ Sugar blue 5$, Sky blue 8$, aquavert 5$, moonflower 5$ Mary jane- from urban decay 3$ Photobucket Left to right Honey lust 7$, Amber lights 7$, Cosmic 7$, Moth brown 10$, Bronze 5$ Empty, Shale 5$, Empty, Beauty burst 10$, concerte 5$ club 5$, Blank, Blank, Sketch 7$, Beauty marked 7$ Photobucket Left to right Clarity 7$, Parrot 8$, Bang on blue 10$, Nile 10$, Haunting 10$ Jewel blue 4$, paradiso 7$, blue clam 5$, Firespot 10$, orange 7$ Gorgeous gold 7$, Goldmine 7$, bright sunshine 10$, chrome yellow 7$, fab- n- flashy 10$ Photobucket Left to right Jeweltone 7$, Parfait amour 7$, Beautiful iris 7$, Stars n rockets 4$, Mancatcher 7$ Creme de violet 7$, trax 7$, demi sweet 7$, whistle 5$, Blank, blank, blank, digit 4$, idol eyes 5$ Photobucket left to right swish 7$, pink freeze 7$, pink source 5$, da bling 7$, sweet lust 7$ Hepcat 7$, cranberry 7$, Star violet 7$, passionate 5$, coppering 6$ Gleam 7$, Sushi flower 7$, gateaux 5$, in living pink 7$, playful 10$ Photobucket Left to right Carbon 7$, Black tied 7$, Knight divine 7$, silver ring 7$, electra 7$ blank, blank, Sea myth 6$, ricepaper 5$ shroom 7$ Almond icing 5$, magic dust 10$, forregry 6$, crystal avalanche 7$ white frost 7$ Photobucket The sunsastional lashes are 12$ everything else which I haven't named and forgive me is 4$ Photobucket Daisy Duck & I don't know the chimpmunks name & a tenderstone -take a hint. all 4$ Photobucket Artifact, Greenstone, Blackground, delft, Mossscape Pharaoh, rubenesque, indianwood 5$, fresco rose Perky, otherwordly, rolllicken, nice vice All for 10$ each except indianwood they were only used once or twice. Photobucket Left to right Sweetness, heartfelt pink, pinkrat, sweetie cake, dreamy, all woman, starlette kiss, style minx 8$, malibu barbie 10$, fashion pack, flashmode, bait, oyster girl, Lip varnish autbody red, standing ovation, chromeglass pinkocrasty, viva glam VI, sexy ray. All for 5$ unless noted. Photobucket Photobucket Lightscape, naked you, pink porcelain, Shimpange, belightful, glissade, Alpha girl & sassed up all for 15$ Photobucket Chartru 5$, Flammable 5$, Santon candy 5$, Blueboy The name isnt on the label 5$, mauvism 5$


 This thing can be so confusing, I need to post pictures of pigments, eye shadows, eyelashes, lipglosses, lipsticks, MSF's. I will have to do this tonight I have so many things to get rid of.


PS I use paypal only since it's safe. I am new to this stuff but I think paypal is the safest until I can build up some more tokens on MUA! 




you can find me on Make up Alley under Jewwop.

I'm going to use this for selling my make up.

 Lipsticks I am selling


Lipsticks are, flash n dash, hollywood nights, melrose mood, utterly flirtatious, zandra & rocking chick LS!

The payments I are take are paypal because they are the most safe!





I will be posting pigments next time. 

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 A brand new livejournal to start off with how fun! I want to try and figure out how to sell some make up on this thingy now :P


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